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Intrusive thoughts are like Spam

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Intrusive thoughts are unwanted and become obsessive. They occupy valuable thought space and begin to define who you are in your head. They can feel contrary to your nature and cause feelings of guilt, shame and self doubt, heightening stress levels affecting daily functioning. They are often in categories classed as taboo because they can include sexual and violent images. The thought and the action may become fused so that the person believes because they have had the thought it means they have performed the action. An example might be having a thought about being a pedophile would confirm that such behavior towards children was desired and prompt reassurance seeking to dis-confirm.

Life can become very lonely as you restrict what you do, where you go and who you see often feeling ashamed and guilty about the content of your thoughts and what they mean.

What needs to change?

The emphasis being placed on YOUR thoughts. Come on they are just thoughts .... transient happenings in our brain and not real. Acceptance that out brain 'IS NOT OUR FRIEND'. Construct better, happier thoughts by engaging in meaningful and purposeful activities. 'GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD' by doing.

You can get CONTROL of your thoughts back by using Cognitive Behavioural techniques and strategies to re-establish healthy thought patterns again.

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