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Health Anxiety

In the weeks since I have engaged in CBT I have gone from panic attacks taking over my life to a feeling of contentedness and achievement. For many months I have anticipated problems and literally made them happen, thinking totally that physical problems were causing my 'flutters'. Learning about the biology certainly became an epiphany moment for me and the mantras 'it's only adrenaline' and 'this can only last for up to 45 minutes drove the early weeks of my therapy. Episodes have reduced to virtually nil and I feel assured that I can now deal with the feelings that were set to ruin my year. I like to think that I am at the bottom of my stress tank now and I am choosing to stay there. I am astounded that the techniques gone through have worked so well and so quickly. It is time for me to face the world head on with an improved outlook and have plans brewing for a great 2020 ahead. Many thanks Jennifer.

Malcolm A
Finding Clarity

I have just finished 8 sessions of CBT with Jennifer Rooks. Jennifer has helped me tremendously. My main problems (which stemmed from trauma) had manifested through bipolar, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, low self esteem, dismorphia, and self destructive behaviour. Every single week after speaking to Jennifer I had made a lot of progress. She has so much insight and has really helped me redirect my thought process and tackle different problems each week. We worked through one problem at a time to a point that by the last session I couldn’t even think of anything else I needed help with and I was functioning much better then I had at the beginning of our sessions. She helped me find clarity and some how managed to make me come to conclusions on my own which made me feel empowered and stronger. Jennifer has a really calm and patient demeanour and is extremely wise and delivers her therapy sessions professionally and is very reliable. I was always excited for our sessions because I just knew that whatever it is I had to talk about that I would be heard and understood. I am no longer suffering with the vast amount of problems I did at the beginning of my sessions and this comes with a huge relief as I have been suffering for many years now and it has effected every area of my life. I am currently holding down my job really well even through my “down days” and have formed great relationship with people as I have less negative thoughts in general. I no longer have the face dysmorphia and my self esteem is growing as I become more grounded each day. I am very grateful that I ended up in Jennifer’s “hands” and she really did work miracles on me. Therefore I would like to recommend her to anyone especially if you feel you have lost all hope like I had.

Merav R
Woman in Hoodie
Panic...Fear of Fear

I started seeing Jenny for CBT Counselling because I was having a tough time controlling feelings of panic and anxiety. It was getting so bad, to the point I was struggling going to work and even socialising with friends and family. My parents were extremely worried about me and wanted to help, but they didn't understand how to. Which is when they contacted Jenny to help me. I had a one hour session every week with Jenny, where she would listen to how I was feeling and my situation. From this, she taught me several techniques to help control and manage my anxiety and panic attacks. I feel that Jenny was able to tailor the techniques so they were more relevant to me. She made me see that day to day life isn't as scary as my brain once thought it was. I have completed my therapy now, and can honestly say, it has changed my life for the better. I am a completely different person to what I was when I first met Jenny, and will be forever grateful for her help.

Elsie C
Head in Hands

I had been suffering from OCD and anxiety for around 8 years. It was a huge part of my everyday life, extremely time consuming and the way I thought almost felt normal, even though rationally I knew the thoughts were abnormal. I plucked up the courage to see Jenny and am so glad I did as CBT has made such a difference to my life. Jenny taught me lots of different techniques to help take control of my life and I am now in complete control of my thoughts and the obsessions and compulsions have more or less disappeared. I feel like my old self again and am so grateful to Jenny for her guidance and support. Jenny is calm, welcoming and very easy to talk to. I never felt judged and was always completely at ease. I would highly recommend Jenny. Thank you for helping me and changing my life.

Charlie D
Business Presentation
Stress At Work

After many successful years in a highly stressful role, I hit a personal nemesis, whereby circumstances outside of my control were having a detrimental effect on my well being and physical health. I was independently diagnosed as suffering from depression and anxiety and I could not personally find a way to get out of what felt like a never ending downward spiral. Coping with my job, dealing with people whilst being mindful of the negative effect I was having on my family and friends was a very difficult place to be. Through contacting Jenny and working through the CBT programme, it has greatly helped me take control of my circumstances and get back on track. I have learnt a number of really effective skills to help me to cope that make a real difference. I originally approached this in a very guarded manner, but I would now describe myself as a real supporter. The way Jenny listens, guides and is not judgemental put me at real ease and I would like to thank her for her support which has made a tremendous difference.

Andy P
Sad on Couch
A Child's Anxiety

I had been feeling very sad and worried at school. I cried everyday and hated being apart from my mum and I just wanted to be at home. I stopped going out round my friends houses and gave up after school clubs. I worried so much that I was physically sick at school sometimes. I couldn't even sit in assembly without feeling sick and worried and wanting to get out of the school hall. Some days I couldn't even eat my breakfast or lunch. This went on for quite a few months. Luckily someone put my mum in contact with Jenny and she has helped me so much. I've learnt how to deal with my anxiety and every day is getting easier. I'm even going on a school trip for two days without my mum. I haven't cried going in to school for several weeks now. I really like talking to Jenny as she understands how I felt. Thank you Jenny for helping me.

Lexie (Age 9 )
Man with Glasses
Travel Anxiety

I had a motor accident that resulted in me experiencing travel anxiety and fears. Before the referral for CBT, I was almost resigned to the fact that I would never regain my confidence in driving and lead a normal lifestyle again. I was wrong! To cut a long story short, by the time I was half way though my CBT sessions with Jenny, I was already a different person. Jenny was extremely calm and empathetic to my predicament. By the end of my CBT sessions, my life was back to normal. I now feel like a new person. I am extremely happy and very grateful to Jenny, not only for helping me get my life back, but also for the knowledge of dealing with stress, anxiety, fears etc I have gained from her. I would recommend Jenny anytime.

Leopold O
Lovers Embrace
Sexual Difficulties

I had a terrific response from Jennifer Rooks. Highly recommended! I had suffered some sexual problems and went to Jennifer for therapy. This was a first for me - so I was nervy and anxious. Jennifer was relaxing, welcoming and above all positive. After several sessions- and guided homework - things have worked out well. I am delighted with the outcome and would have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer.

Image by Olga Kononenko
Coping with Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer sent me in to complete free-fall. At the time of my diagnoses, previous experience of CBT led me to think it would be a good idea to engage in CBT again to manage my emotions, feeling and expectations in a calmer way during my forthcoming treatment program. I also hoped to use it to use with pain management during the darker days of my treatment. I was referred to Jenny who was wonderful at listening to my fears, expectations and concerns. After several sessions, I felt completely bolstered to take on what was probably the biggest challenge of my life. I have two small children and believe that they benefited enormously from this bolstered approach. I was strong for them, which was most important to me and believe it taught them how to deal with the “bad stuff” in life. My attitude towards treatment at the end of the sessions, was an incredibly powerful and uplifting one, thanks to Jenny. I felt stronger than I have ever done before and I truly believe it was this that carried me through towards the end of my treatment. Eventually, the physical side effects did catch up with me, but this is where the pain management and meditation tips from Jenny kicked in. She also came to visit me whilst in hospital. It has been a privilege and honour for me to have such wonderful support. Amazing lady, thank you so much Jenny. x

April R
A Hug
Postnatal Panic Attacks

I'm a female, 29 years of age. Since having my last child who is now a 1 year old, I have been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks due to a fit from giving birth, I was put on medication but didn't feel that it was always working well for me so I was recommended to see Jenny. I had two appointments with Jenny, I found her very professional, but most of all her kind and gentle mannerisms made me feel at ease. The information that she gave me helped me so much I felt that I wasn't afraid of my condition, I understood more and what was happening to me, she gave me advice on how to deal with it myself. I came away from my last session armed with techniques so that I can cope better for when an attack occurs. The amount of attacks I suffer from has significantly decreased and I'm so happy to know that I am in control. I would highly recommend Jenny.

Family with Tablet
Treating a Whole Family

Our son has experienced recurring and obsessive thoughts which became overwhelming. He was diagnosed with OCD and went to see Jenny. She listened to him and helped him in a very supportive way, with strategies to reduce and let go of these thoughts. After a few sessions with Jenny, he managed to develop coping skills and gradually these thoughts faded away. Our daughter had been anorexic for a year and got better. Unfortunately, having started another school year, the eating disorder reoccurred. She went to see Jenny who was very understanding and patiently helped her to work through the eating disorder issues. She always knew the right words to say and gradually helped her to have more positive and productive thoughts. She is now recovered from anorexia. After many years and challenges, as a couple we have faced difficulties which Jenny helped us to address in an interesting and impartial way. Hence, we are happy to recommend Jenny as a helpful and supportive therapist for people with similar issues.

Kathy L
Woman's Portrait
Guilt, Blame & Self Confidence

Before I started seeing Jenny, I couldn't see a future. I felt like I was drowning in a fog of unhappiness and hopelessness. Slowly, but surely Jenny started to help me turn away from negative thoughts and behaviors, towards more positive ones. Jenny has helped me to achieve things I never thought were possible and now, having worked with her, I can see a future and I am looking forward to living it. Jenny always seemed to have time for me and demonstrated a genuine interest and determination to help me tackle my issues. I don't find talking easy but her friendly, non-judgmental approach quickly put me at ease.I would recommend Jenny to anyone, I can't thank her enough.

Julie A
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