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Sessions usually last for 1 hour and begin with an assessment, which may take a few sessions to complete before treatment begins. The number and frequency of sessions are decided upon together and tend to depend on the complexity of problems presented and how quickly the treatment plan advances. As a rough guide between 6 to 15 sessions can be required, however, some people gain significant benefits from a single session.


We understand that life can be really busy and day-to-day commitments can be very time-consuming. In the interest of helping you make time to focus on yourself as soon as possible, we also offer weekend and evening sessions to work around your lifestyle.  


Session Options


Jenny offers flexible support that fits around your lifestyle utilising video platforms such as Zoom or Skype, or telephone if preferred, allowing you to look after your mental health no matter where you are based or how busy you are.


Face-to-Face sessions take place at Crushes Manor Clinic at Pilgrims Hatch. The clinic rooms provide a tranquil and private space which is conducive to reflection. If you'd like to book a session at an alternative location, please contact us to discuss options.


We offer both Private Healthcare and Self-funded sessions. To find out if your healthcare provider is currently registered with us, please click here.


Please complete our Registration Form so that we can arrange an informal, no-obligation discussion to see how we can help you. 

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