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Still Swimming Along in the Tide of Change

A year on and therapy sessions have survived a 12 month period of working remotely with a whole range of client problems. Video calls have been more popular than telephone consultations, with people quickly overcoming any camera shyness or reservations.

The CoVid vaccination programme has inspired many to keep going now with hope for the future and a return to a new normal, but losses are still impacting many.

Loss of loved ones to the virus with a failure to grieve and concurrent despair for the future being evident. Cancer patient's left worrying about treatment delays and the possibility of negative outcomes.

It's still tough times ahead but a lot of what was there before can also be there again in time. Hope and plans for the future help move us forward.

Reconnecting with friends and family and regaining purpose and structure to our day.

Planning breaks and holidays with time to relax and enjoy new experiences is something to look forward to even if not quite there yet.

Reflecting on what you are left feeling grateful for post pandemic.

Swimming and surviving it - valuing your loved ones, being safe at home, being lucky enough to be in employment, staying healthy, having enough money and people who care and show you kindness. There has been a lot of that about in recent times.

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