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Fear of Terrorism, OCD Traits, Dependants and Commuting, can they be linked?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Striving for change and success in life can seem quite difficult when low in mood, or suffering stress symptoms. Recent terrorism acts have caused an emotional meltdown for many. Particularly affected are people with young children, commuters and those with OCD personality traits. It is not uncommon to turn to CBT Therapy for help in coping with these fears.

Becoming trapped in a spiral of overthinking and negativity with worsening symptoms. Worrying and brooding, scanning the news for further insights is common.

How can CBT help?

  • Making a shift and using your logical brain rather than your emotional brain to improve coping.

  • Alternative strategies to control overthinking, worrying and brooding.

  • Creating meaningful, purposeful daytime activity, having fun days and enjoying your life in the moment being present and connected to your life experience in the now.

  • Restructuring unhelpful thoughts including a tendency to making negative predictions about what could happen, catastrophising about worse case scenarios and being consumed by negative thoughts, having a view of life that your glass being half empty, rather than half full.

We live in difficult times with sensational bad news stories, stabbings, terrorist acts and environmental disasters but for most we are not directly affected by this and need to live a happy, calm and self fulfilling life.

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