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Painful Emotions and Quick Fixes

Quick fixes can lead to greater despair. Mind altering drugs just mask the problem making one increasingly more numb to life. A range of substances are used to try and lesson the pain of emotional distress. Seldom do they do any good, often leading the way to addiction and a whole new set of problems. Alcohol, the overuse of prescribed drugs, as well as illicit drugs are temporary fixes to alter the intensity of how we may feel. Quickly spiralling out of control a sequence can be alcohol, cocaine, gambling, what next?

Recognising the patterns and the self destructive tendancies can help.

Not overthinking can be the key to change. Experiencing life through the senses and in the moment of our experience can be uplifting.

Stopping brooding about the past and worrying about the future as this only leads to more negativity.

It's okay to be sad when we lose someone, it can alter the fabric of our life and shake our very foundation. To allow time to grieve is important. Show KINDNESS to yourself.

So what can be done? Choices....

You can stay the same, or do something that can make a real difference in your life.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps address issues head on. It can help change thinking styles and viscious cycles of negativity. It can inspire hope of recovery and limit repetitive destructive patterns.

It's tough out there!!!!

Our genetic and social engineering can conspire against us, pulling us in the opposite direction to where we want to be. Your mind can be trained and and you can become the person want to be.

It's hard but not impossible.

Your mind can choose it's pathway to happiness

'LET'S GO' together. Invest in positive life change .

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