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Dark nights and chilly air

Dark nights and chilly air is upon us going in to the winter months. Time to add some winter layers of clothing to keep warm and cosy. Delight in sitting around a wood burning stove, getting away for a skiing trip,........

or, just exercising more to lose a few pounds ready for the festive period of overindulgence. Opportunities to have some fun and to catch up with friends and family.

In contrast for some the winter months represent further loneliness, isolation and despair. Relationship conflict and tensions causing rifts that seem irreparable with children at times baring the brunt of adult anger and frustration. At a time when the message is to drink and be merry, the willpower to manage addictions can be lost, dominating life and resulting in pain and misery. Debt seeming to be insurmountable. Physical decline downward until it feels equivalent to being in the gutter. The hardest thing can be taking that first step to make some positive changes for a brighter, more optimistic future. Talking about it to a professional can shift mountains and help you to go forward along the happiness trail. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with an accredited therapist can provide the way. Engage today and make it happen. Enjoy coming along to a calm and tranquil place .........

... to talk about you and what is happening in your life, deciding what change you want and the way to navigate getting there. Invest in your future in these winter months so that you emerge more resilient and flourishing ready for the spring. Take action today.

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