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Buzzy Bees and Hayfever Sneeze

Hi fellow hayfever sufferers. About a month in to the grass pollen season and this year not barricading myself in away from the outdoors and the dreaded symptoms that affect me at this time of the year. What relief I am feeling at being able to wander down the fields, go out running, ride the horse and enjoy the occasional glimpse of summer. This change is not due to a new drug, or cold compresses to the eyes, or pots of nasal spray. In fact none of these have been responsible, just wait for it ...... I have been having a go at self taught hand reflexology. Just wondering why all my friends and family, who tend to be pollen sensitive themselves and have put up with my moaning about it over the years, hadn't heard about this and tried it as a way of finding relief from symptoms. It works by relieving the sinusitis, which for me is the most distressing part and makes me feel yuk for nigh on 6 weeks of the year. I know I am lucky, however, as many of you suffer from the tree pollen as well and numerous other allergies. Well just something to try, what can you lose? Follow the link below to teach yourself the technique ......

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