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Summer reflections going forward in Autumn

Some highlights from this my first full year in private practice:

  • Launching of a new website and going hyper with social media to spread the word.

  • Surfing the waves of the seasonal peaks and troughs of referrals.

  • Successfully working more with children (using play featuring worry monsters and superheroes awesome creativity). Below is a little 'Thank You' gift that was given to me by an 8 year with panic symptoms relating to a car accident.

  • Making the journey alongside struggling adolescents experiencing exam stress, low self esteem, eating disorders and OCD.

  • Helping couples calm the storm, in making changes to overcome conflict.

  • Treating whole families with different, but interconnected problems.

  • Treating individuals who press the self destruct button, using substances or self harm to lessen the pain within them by creating the pain experience on the outside by cutting.

  • Dealing with overthinking and excessive worry has given relief to many a person being tortured by guilt and self recrimination.

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