Offers & Discounts

Life is beginning to change as plans emerge to come out of

lockdown completely. There is increasing optimism now CoVid

vaccinations have been widely given. 

Is worrying and  brooding affecting your ability to function?

Are you having trouble letting go of past problems/traumas?

Have relationships become strained at home with this enforced closeness?

Has loneliness and isolation extended it's grip on you?

Have you developed dysfunctional ways of dealing with anxiety (carrying out

rituals and obsessing about routines).

Have children become anxious and sad being parted from friends and losing

ground in their studies?

Have unhealthy lifestyle choices caused weight gain, self confidence issues

and addiction problems.

Why not plan a more positive and happy future working towards your life goals?


'Make the phone call today to start your therapy journey.....

Aim to live a happier and more fulfilling life  


Tackle depressive thoughts to enjoy life again;

Manage your stress;

Show yourself compassion by not being so self critical;

Live the life that is before you instead of worrying about the future;

Develop coping skills;

Become more resilient in the face of adversity;

Resolve conflict in relationships

Help others deal with their mental health issues by recommending​​

​a friend, or family member and earn yourself a £10 discount off your session.​​​​​

Pay for 6 and get a £20 discount 

or pay for 12 sessions to get a free session.

Please note: Offers do not apply to corporate referrals and patients using private healthcare policies to fund therapy costs.
To redeem this offer, please email quoting 'website offer' to arrange your CBT sessions and to arrange payment and discount.